Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NYC Electrolysis Specialist - Permanent Hair Removal in NY

What is electrolysis in NY and how does it work?
Using a fine, needle-shaped wand called an electrode an electric current is applied to each unwanted hair's follicle, destroying the root. Hair grows in growing, resting and shedding stages. Since all of your hair isn't always on the same stage as other hairs, multiple electrolysis sessions are needed to ensure all unwanted hairs have been removed during their growth phase. That's when electrolysis is most effective.  Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for NYC permanent hair removal.  Even if you have had laser, you know that it only reduces the hair.  Electrolysis in NY can completely eliminate any excess, unwanted hair.

What about do-it-yourself hair removal?
Home remedies for hair removal are nearly never permanent, and often times leaves the skin red, swollen, blotchy or can cause other adverse reactions.  You my have tried devices and chemicals available from pharmacies, salons, and even through the mail with temporary or no results at all. If you happen to find something that does rid you of unwanted hair, it will only do so temporarily, and what grows back is just as thick, noticeable and unattractive as ever.  For someone with unwanted hair, looking their best often comes at a price.  Excess hair removal can make the goal of smooth, healthy and attractive skin difficult to achieve. 

What should I expect during my NYC permanent hair removal electrolysis session?
During your first electrolysis visit, your electrologist will ask you for a detailed medical history to help identify any pre-existing medical conditions.  The right electrologist will always explain the process to you.  From how electrolysis is performed to how many return sessions you can expect to fully eliminate the unwanted hair.  A single treatment session is last from 15 minutes to an hour.  Electrologists apply a small amount of electrical current to the base of the hair follicle by means of a sterile, disposable probe.  The energy from this hair-fine probe destroys the growth center of the hair follicle.  Don't worry, the probe never actually punctures the skin.  It's inserted into the natural hair opening formed by the hair follicle.

Where should I go for electrolysis in NY?
Whether your goal is permanent hair removal, a flawless wax or to rejuvenate your skin after attempting your own hair removal process, NYC permanent hair removal is conveniently located in a cozy salon and done by the gentle hands of Susan Davina. 

Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care is a one-stop NYC permanent hair removal and skin care shop.  Continuing to educate herself on the latest techniques at seminars and master classes, Susan Davina is a student of her craft in skin treatments, facials, waxing, and electrolysis in NY.