Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Permanent Hair Removal for NYC Residents

Are you tired of unwanted facial and/or body hair?  Do you think that life would be easier if you did not have to shave or wax all the time?  It is completely normal to want to look your best because that confidence transfers into many different facets of life.  A person who is confident will be more likely to succeed in their career, have more meaningful relationships, and have better mental health.  If you want to get rid of this unwanted body hair for good, Susan Davina offers permanent hair removal in NYC.

The best part about our method for NYC permanent hair removal is the fact that it is not invasive in any way.  We never puncture your skin and have the expertise to minimize the number of sessions that you are required to have.  Sessions can last at most an hour, but can even take 15 minutes; it all depends on the individual.  Our techniques are medically recognized, FDA approved, safe, and actually permanent.  

You do not have to spend your life suffering from the genetics that are giving you unwanted hair.  Put your trust in Susan Davina’s gentle touch and let us give you freedom and confidence with permanent hair removal in NYC. To learn more about our services and to speak with our professionals, call Susan Davina today at 212-751-7377.