Tuesday, February 28, 2012

European Facials in NYC

Europe is constantly on the cutting edge of style and fashion.  From trendsetting to style must-have inventions, North American has been importing European ingenuity for since "fashion" because the word on the street.  Fashion and style, however, cannot go without health and beauty.  As a staple of what it means to be stylish, great skin and a healthy mark-free glow is the best base to build your fashion sense around.  How do you match your fearless color combo with great skin?  A European facial treatment in NYC, of course!

The heart of Manhattan will welcome your runway-ready European style, and you'll find Susan Davina's one-stop skincare spa there, too.  NYC European facials are not a one-for-all kind of treatment.  Depending on your type of skin and the desired look, there are a variety of treatments available.

Are you making a lunch hour pit stop? Visit Susan Davina's Skincare Spa and ask about the Escale Beaute Facials: a hydra-flash, 25 minute NYC European facial. The results are an instant moisture boost for a sensible beauty pick-me-up and a brand new level of comfort for your skin.

Maybe your skin needs a little more attention to bring out its truest potential. Le Grand Classique Facials is an acne treatment. This European facial treatment in NYC offers deep pore cleansing and restoration through a complete and personal deep pore cleansing.  To ensure happy skin, left feeling re-balanced and dewy without any unsightly marks, this treatment is full of anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

Your European facial treatment is waiting in the heart of Manhattan at Susan Davina's Skincare Spa!  Visit the website today at SusanDavina.com or call to set an appointment and discuss facial options: (212) 751-7377