Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Electrolysis Services in NYC

There are many factors that may cause unwanted hair growth. It may be caused by heredity and hormone levels, even some medications may be the cause of the hair growth. Although the condition is harmless, many women find it to be bothersome or embarrassing. Electrolysis may be some women's best option in remedying the situation.
Electrolysis services in NYC is a hair removal method that can be done on either the face or body. There are generally no side-effects, but a temporary slight reddening may occur in some cases. The total number of sessions a person has to have performed depends on their hair type. Most people treated with electrolysis return once a week or every other week. In the past it was believed that electrolysis caused people pain, but with today's technology that is no longer the case. It may cause a slight discomfort, but is more akin to a tingling sensation and topical anesthetics may be applied.

The best way to find an electrolysis services in NYC is by doing your research. Many states require electrologists to be licensed or certified. If your state does require this, ask to see the electrologist's certifications and make sure they are current. If your state does not require it the electrologist should still have a certificate of completion from an accredited electrology school.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

European Facial Services in NYC

Are you looking to get European facial services in NYC? Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare offers the lowest prices for facials in New York. We offer many different types of facial from a quick moisture booster to a long-lasting deep hydration.

Susan Davina received her beauty and electrolysis training in London, England. After training for many years, she opened her own business using the most recent knowledge and methods for electrolysis and skin removal. She stays up-to-date by periodically attending master classes.

There are several different types of facials available. Susan Davina uses all natural and aromatic therapeutic products. She will come up with a completely unique treatment that works best for you. The different types of facials that she performs include:

Susan Davina has much experience in many ways of skin rejuvenation and hair removal. She offers full body electrolysis and waxing. If you would like to know more about European facials services in NYC or any of the other services that Susan Davina provides, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Permanent Hair Removal Gives Confidence to Customers

Excess hair on your face or body can potentially become embarrassing or make you feel self-conscious. To help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body, Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skin Care offers permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side in NYC.

The process of permanently removing hair is known as electrolysis. When you make your first appointment for electrolysis, one of our electrologists will meet with you to ask for a detailed medical history. After you provide the electrologist with any and all medical conditions you have or have had, the treatment for electrolysis will be explained to you.

A small amount of electrical current will be applied to the base of your hair follicles with a disposable probe. Our Upper East Side NYC permanent hair removal will begin once the energy from the probe destroys the growth center of your hair follicles. The probe is inserted into the natural hair opening in hair follicles. It will not puncture your skin.

There are many benefits to permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side, NYC including that electrolysis prevents your hair from growing back. For your hair to successfully be permanently removed however, more than one electrolysis treatment is needed. Electrolysis treatments can last from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on which parts of your body you are removing hair from.

Other benefits of electrolysis are that it is a medically-recognized technique that is approved by the FDA. The process is also safe and sterile.

If you have excess hair on your body, you may have tried other methods of hair removal before this. Shaving and at-home methods are not going to cut it. Even laser treatments only temporarily remove hair from your body.

At Susan Davina, we promise great end results that will leave you feeling confident and happy again. For more information about our permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side in NYC, contact us today at 212-751-7377.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Permanent Hair Removal in NYC

If you are tired of constantly waxing and shaving, you should get permanent hair removal in NYC. Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare provides electrolysis to help you look and feel your best. Susan Davina attends seminars and master classes in order to stay current with all of the latest knowledge on hair removal and skincare.

Having excess hair can make you feel self conscious or awkward at work or in social situations. That can be eliminated through NYC permanent hair removal. Susan Davina is known for keeping her clients relaxed and has a gentle touch when working with clients.

Many people have unsuccessfully attempted to to permanently remove hair from their bodies. Salons and pharmacies may sell devices that falsely claim to permanently remove hair. Even lasers only reduce hair and are only temporary. Electrolysis is the most efficient way to remove hair.

Because hair grows in cycles, the best way for permanent removal is through a series of appointments for electrolysis. Each treatment session generally lasts from 15 minutes to an hour. By using a disposable probe, the hair is destroyed at the follicle without puncturing the skin.

Electrolysis is an FDA approved technique. If you would like to schedule an appointment for NYC permanent hair removal, call Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare at 212-751-7377.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Permanent Hair Removal for NYC Residents

Are you tired of unwanted facial and/or body hair?  Do you think that life would be easier if you did not have to shave or wax all the time?  It is completely normal to want to look your best because that confidence transfers into many different facets of life.  A person who is confident will be more likely to succeed in their career, have more meaningful relationships, and have better mental health.  If you want to get rid of this unwanted body hair for good, Susan Davina offers permanent hair removal in NYC.

The best part about our method for NYC permanent hair removal is the fact that it is not invasive in any way.  We never puncture your skin and have the expertise to minimize the number of sessions that you are required to have.  Sessions can last at most an hour, but can even take 15 minutes; it all depends on the individual.  Our techniques are medically recognized, FDA approved, safe, and actually permanent.  

You do not have to spend your life suffering from the genetics that are giving you unwanted hair.  Put your trust in Susan Davina’s gentle touch and let us give you freedom and confidence with permanent hair removal in NYC. To learn more about our services and to speak with our professionals, call Susan Davina today at 212-751-7377.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Upper East Side Hair Removal

Are you tired of constantly trimming all of your unwanted body hair? Then perhaps you should seek Upper East Side hair removal. Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skin Care offers electrolysis, waxing and skin rejuvenation.

Susan Davina is known by her clients for her gentle touch while removing hair on the Upper East Side. Electrolysis is a better method of hair removal than lasers, because it fully removes any unwanted hair. As good as lasers are, they just reduce hair. If you have tried using any hair removal products purchased from pharmacies, salons, internet or mail order, you will know that these products do not provide the “permanent” solutions that they claim. Electrolysis will permanently remove any unwanted hair.

This is how electrolysis works: Your electrologist will need a detailed medical history to determine if you have any pre-existing conditions. Next, they will explain the details of how the treatment will be performed. A series of appointments will be scheduled in order to eliminate the different cycles of hair growth. Each appointment generally lasts anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

The way that electrolysis works is by applying a small electrical current to the base of the hair follicle. This destroys said follicle’s growth center. Skin is never punctured, as the probe is inserted into the natural hair opening.

Electrolysis is a medically recognized and FDA approved procedure. It is a safe and sterile method of Upper East Side hair removal. If you would like more information on full body electrolysis or any of our other permanent hair removal services, call us at 212-751-7737. Package discounts and gift certificates are available.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Electrolysis on the Upper East Side

Electrolysis on the Upper East Side can provide New Yorkers with the answers to all of their hair removal problems – permanently!

At Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skin Care, you can find just what you need to start feeling confident in your body again. With electrolysis on the Upper East Side, you can remove any unwanted or excess hair from your face or body.

If you have ever had problems with removing hair in the past, it is probably because you have attempted at-home solutions or laser hair removal. Both methods may work temporarily, but neither lasts permanently. Electrolysis is a proven solution to hair removal, is safe and produces great results.

Before engaging in Upper East Side electrolysis, you should provide Susan Davina with a detailed medical history. Although electrolysis is FDA-approved and sterile, we still want to make sure we have knowledge about any medical conditions you may have before we start the process.

For the process of electrolysis to be successful, it will require a series of treatments to be schedules. Electrolysis works best during the cycles of hair growth, so your visits will be scheduled based on that. Your visits with Susan Davina for Upper East Side electrolysis can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

When you come into Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skin Care, we will provide you with a free consultation and 10% off of your first visit. If you want to stop feeling embarrassed about any excess hair you have on your face or body, trust in our services for electrolysis on the Upper East Side, a method that has proven to be highly successful for years. Contact us today at 212-751-7377!