Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NYC Spa Facials

Looking to relax a little with a spa day? At Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare, we have the knowledge and expertise to give you the time to beautify yourself and relieve stress. Susan Davina is trained, licensed and certified in London, England and the US. She refined her skills as she worked at the Equinox Fitness Club as well as Mathe Roux French Skin Care in the heart of Manhattan. At her beauty salon, you can sit back and relax while enveloping yourself in an NYC spa facial.

At Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare, we use all-natural, aromatic and therapeutic products so that your time is tranquil rather than stressful. Our beauty technicians offer European spa facials in NYC as well as waxing, electrolysis and skin treatments that will beautify your skin and keep wrinkles at bay. Our goal is to provide you with these beauty services at affordable prices.

For our NYC spa facials, we offer a variety of different styles and peels. Susan Davina specializes in glycolic peels to suit the needs of your skin. Since everyone’s skin is different, we aim to accommodate our peels to your skin type. The following is a list of NYC spa facials we offer:
  • Escale Beauteâ Facials
  • Le Grand Classiqueâ Facials
  • Optimizerâ Facials
  • Plasir D’Aromesâ Facials
  • Alpha Vitalâ Facials
  • Vital-Intenseâ Facials
  • Hydralessenceâ Facials
  • Soin Purete’â Facials
For more information on NYC spa facials by Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare, call us today at (212) 751-7377.