Thursday, May 28, 2015

Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC

We all desire to look and feel our best. It's only natural. But for many of us, this goal is difficult to achieve due to excess hair on the face and body. While the problem of excess hair can result from many causes, the impact is often the same: a feeling of awkwardness or embarrassment at work, at home; or in social situations. If you fall into this category, electrolysis hair removal in NYC might be right for you.

I am a trained and certified aesthetician, and my many satisfied clients can attest to their great results and comfort level.  Electrolysis (permanent hair removal) can completely eliminate any excess and unwanted hair. If you want to safely remove hair permanently, call me and come in for a free consultation. Even if you have had laser treatment, you know that it only reduces the hair.

Benefits of Electrolysis hair removal in NYC

  • Medically recognized techniques
  • FDA approved.
  • Safe and sterile.
  • Permanent hair removal.

You might have attempted home permanent hair removal treatments and products from pharmacies, salons, and even from a website. While many of these successfully remove hair, they are only temporary.

Here's how hair removal works:

During your initial appointment, you will be asked for a detailed medical history to help identify any pre-existing medical conditions. You will then be guided through the entire treatment process. Because hair grows in cycles and can best be eliminated during its growth cycle, successful electrolysis requires a series of scheduled treatments. These treatment sessions usually last from 15 minutes to an hour.

Electrologists permanently remove hair by applying a small amount of electrical current to the base of the follicle via disposable probe. The energy from this hair-fine probe eliminates the growth center of the hair follicle. The probe doesn't actually puncture the skin; rather, it is inserted into the natural hair opening formed by the hair follicle.

If you are interested in Electrolysis hair removal in NYC, call me today to set up a consultation at 212-751-7377.