Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facials specializing in acne in NYC

Looking for a true NYC facial, or need a reliable NYC acne treatment? Susan Davina offers a number of expert facials in midtown Manhattan using only the finest all-natural, aromatic and therapeutic Yon-ka products from France.

Le Grand Classique is a facial that is specialized for acne treatment NYC. Le Grand Classique cleanses your pores and restores your skin. The anti-inflammatory plant extracts within the treatment means that you can walk out of your NYC facial with skin that looks and feels great.

If you’re experiencing acne in NYC and don’t just feel like it will never go away, come to Susan Davina today. Susan Davina specializes in skin problems and has great results. Susan Davina gives you information on keeping your skin clear and wrinkles at bay which makes your facial dealing with acne treatment in NYC go a long way.

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