Thursday, July 18, 2013

Permanent Hair Removal Gives Confidence to Customers

Excess hair on your face or body can potentially become embarrassing or make you feel self-conscious. To help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body, Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skin Care offers permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side in NYC.

The process of permanently removing hair is known as electrolysis. When you make your first appointment for electrolysis, one of our electrologists will meet with you to ask for a detailed medical history. After you provide the electrologist with any and all medical conditions you have or have had, the treatment for electrolysis will be explained to you.

A small amount of electrical current will be applied to the base of your hair follicles with a disposable probe. Our Upper East Side NYC permanent hair removal will begin once the energy from the probe destroys the growth center of your hair follicles. The probe is inserted into the natural hair opening in hair follicles. It will not puncture your skin.

There are many benefits to permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side, NYC including that electrolysis prevents your hair from growing back. For your hair to successfully be permanently removed however, more than one electrolysis treatment is needed. Electrolysis treatments can last from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on which parts of your body you are removing hair from.

Other benefits of electrolysis are that it is a medically-recognized technique that is approved by the FDA. The process is also safe and sterile.

If you have excess hair on your body, you may have tried other methods of hair removal before this. Shaving and at-home methods are not going to cut it. Even laser treatments only temporarily remove hair from your body.

At Susan Davina, we promise great end results that will leave you feeling confident and happy again. For more information about our permanent hair removal on the Upper East Side in NYC, contact us today at 212-751-7377.

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