Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Best Permanent Hair Removal Method

Over the years, permanent hair removal has been a subject of many late night hair removal products. Some of them making bold claims and age old techniques. Most of these products on remedy the situation temporarily.
  • Disposable razors for women – razor companies for years have been trying to corner the women's hair removal market. Some of them have taken existing men's razors and given them pastel colors. They have tried introducing the vibrating razor, which left women unsatisfied. Adding a shaving cream bar to the head of the razor only made the razor bulkier.
  • At home electric hair removal – these products often employ a type of light or heat emitting part to “kill the hair at the root” and make claims such as no pulling, scraping or tearing. No matter how many of these products deem themselves “pain-free”, customers usually don't observe this. Their products also take several weeks, if not months, to obtain their desired effects. By that time most customers have devoted so much time to using the product they are disappointed when the results are significantly less than the products original claims.
  • Spray-on and lotion hair removal – probably the oldest at home hair removal products for women, but their effects are often temporary. For these products to work they need a harsh chemicals, which can leave women with sensitive skin with chemical burns.

The most proved method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. It is the safest permanent hair removal method because it is performed by a trained and licensed professional. Susan Davina is a professional electrologist whose main goal is the comfort of her clients.

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