Friday, August 15, 2014

Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC

Are you looking for electrolysis hair removal in NYC? Susan Davina, originally trained in London, has the many years of experience and expertise necessary for a high-quality electrolysis hair removal treatment.  For many people, excess hair can cause a feeling of awkwardness or embarrassment at work or in social situations.

As opposed to laser hair removal which only reduces hair growth, electrolysis completely and permanently removes hair. During your first visit regarding electrolysis hair removal in NYC, Susan Davina will ask about your medical history and explain exactly how your treatment will be performed. Because hair grows in cycles and can best be eliminated during its growth cycle, successful electrolysis requires a series of scheduled treatments. These sessions usually last from 15 minutes to one hour.

Electrolysis hair removal in NYC has been FDA approved for its medically recognized techniques. In addition, the procedure is guaranteed to be safe and sterile while providing you with permanent hair removal. Say goodbye to feeling insecure about unsightly hair, and let Susan Davina start you on an electrolysis hair removal treatment regimen.

For more information about electrolysis hair removal in NYC or to schedule a free consultation, call Susan Davina at 212-751-7377 today!

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  1. Electrolysis is the best hair removal for men and women alike, no matter what your skin type, hair texture or hair color. When thinking about electrolysis vs laser hair removal, know that lasers are only good on light-skinned people and those with dark hair. Laser treatments can actually burn dark-skinned people. I suggest you one more place for this.
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