Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Electrolysis Manhattan

Many things may have influenced your decision to look into electrolysis in Manhattan. Excess hair growth on the face and body can often cause a feeling of embarrassment and lack of self confidence . Susan Davina salon for electrolysis and skin care can help you reverse this feeling and give you back that boost of confidence you need for all social situations. With a gentle hand, Susan Davina has been performing licensed, safe, FDA approved electrolysis, for permanent hair removal in the NY area for hundreds of satisfied clients.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin and many ways have been searched out, by both women and men, to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing, laser, and over the counter hair removal methods all offer various degrees result endurance. But of all the different methods of hair removal in the world today, only electrolysis has a name for true permanence. This is because electrolysis works to destroy each hair follicle completely. This is accomplished through the use of a small electrical current that is applied to the base of the hair. After several treatments the follicle will not continue to restore itself, thereby leaving your skin smooth and hair free for good.

At Susan Davina everyone is given the chance to feel beautiful again. Call to come in and meet with the knowledgeable and sensitive staff for a free consultation to see how we can give you back your confidence today!

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